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My last birthday in my 30’s

Well, this is it. My 39th birthday. My journey to 40 begins. 

Do you ever stop and look at your life, or look at yourself in the mirror and think to yourself: “this is SO not where/who I thought I’d be when I was this age.”? 

Me, too. 

I also remember thinking people who were this age were SO. Super. Old. I mean…ancient. But the older I get, the younger people older than me seem. Read it again. You’ll get it. 

Hanging around my teenage daughter and her friends, I swear I’m the cool mom. I actually GET what they’re saying. I get the stupid crap boys do. They haven’t changed. Mean girls are still mean girls — only meaner with more ways to be mean. I remember this age, this time in life, like it was yesterday. Because it WAS yesterday, right?? No. No, it wasn’t. It was 25 years ago. That’s when I was where my oldest daughter is now. How can I feel so young, yet so damn old? 

But let’s get honest for a moment. The truth is, I’m not at all who or where I want to be. And I have no one to blame but myself. I control me. Period. Of course, there have been things that have happened that I never could’ve foreseen – not in a million years. Maybe calling attention to their existence is a cop-out on my part. But the reality is, if I’m not happy with me and certain things in my life, I have only myself to blame. 

[What did she say?!] Yep. Accountability. 

I wake up and give my “ok” every day. My “all I got to give.” Not my best. I know that. And more importantly, I know why. I know what things weigh so heavily on my heart, soul, body, mind, spirit, that make me feel this way. And I have cowered to these reasons for far too long. 

Is this going to sound cliché? Yes. It is. But my last year in my 30’s is going to be one hell of a year for me. A year of transformation. A year of letting go. A year of speaking up, speaking out. A year of forgiveness. A year of enlightenment. A year of awakening. I will slowly start to recognize that woman staring back at me in the mirror. And I will love her. 

Yes. I will love her. 




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6 thoughts on “My last birthday in my 30’s

  1. Happy birthday Mandy! And congrats on making it this far. That’s an accomplishment in and of itself. I’m a big believer in “this is your one life.” And while I don’t live from a *completely* hedonistic view point, I do work towards my goals regardless of what others think. Like when I took a 50% pay cut because I didn’t like a job. Or when I walked away from my 9 to 5 last year to be a writer with no clue what I was doing. For me, it was about learning to love the life I was living, irregardless of how much money was in the bank or what kind of car I drive. Fuck what other people think. It’s your life. No one else’s. And I was scared to death of waking up and being 90, and looking back and seeing I only went through the motions. Good luck my dear. And do it. You’ve got this! *hugs and kisses*

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  2. This is so well written. It’s like you were reading my thoughts. Here is to you, year 39!

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  3. Just be the amazing you are everyday. Just believe like I believe there is nothing you can’t do. You are truly beautiful inside and out.

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  4. Mandy my journey to 40 starts on 1/25/2016. I have no idea what 39 years have in store for me but I’m ready. I hope yours is going well and that you’re doing all that you want to do and then some. I’m going to “really” love that woman staring back at me also.


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